Use your jobsite humor to win customers online

By not taking yourself too seriously, you can succeed. Of course, we know that money is the constant that keeps a business running, but it’s very transparent when a business acts as one more cog in the corporate world, chasing after books. Now we want and expect more from companies.

In today’s world, we support those who embrace originality. We admire those who have taken their craft, hobby or interest, added their personality to it and made it undeniably unique. Authenticity pays and you can bet that the only authentic thing about a construction site is its humor and the camaraderie that goes on within the projects.

Heard on the spot

There’s a British magazine that writes a segment where readers send in snippets of a ridiculous conversation they’ve overheard…and it’s pretty hilarious. Nothing prevents you from tweeting humorous conversations heard on your site, those of PG of course. This will help you grow your audience and potentially attract your next customers.

Nicknames are comedy gold

Feature your staff on your social media pages and if they happen to have a nickname… use it. Give your social media followers or website visitors a context phrase about where the name comes from, if appropriate of course. Your audience will see how down-to-earth you are and will be much more likely to appeal to you.

Pranks go viral

We’re only talking about tame pranks here, of course, we’re not advocating anything dangerous or cruel, just the belly-tickling jobsite humor between co-workers that you think is appropriate to share with your social media followers.

Share your “epic failures”

No one is perfect, and companies of all sizes get things wrong all the time. So providing failure will not be detrimental to acquiring future customers, so share it!

To me or not to me

Big companies often share the occasional meme, so what’s stopping you, if it’s relevant, why not? It’s just another way to add personality and humanize your business.

The jokes of the builders

If you think your crane operator looks like someone famous, share a side-by-side image and a poll on your Facebook and see what your followers think. It’s great to see businesses engaging with feedback too, so if you see witty or remarkable feedback, respond… potential customers’ eyes will be on the wire, trust us.

Just a warning, if you have an HR person or even a department, it may be best to get all messages through them first for approval.

If you would like assistance with your social media or website content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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