Tyler Woodall’s WINning Formula to Meet Customer Needs

Most everyone needs insurance at some point.

But determining what type of insurance to purchase and what steps to take to avoid the need are central to WIN’s approach to serving clients.

For agency founder Tyler Woodall, the key is giving clients the tools they need to be financially successful. It means paying attention to details, getting to know the customer, and understanding their unique requirements.

“I like working with people,” says Woodall. “People have unique problems and finding a creative way to solve them is what I love.”

As a 25-year-old Clemson graduate in a field where most people are twice his age, Woodall says careful planning and using available technology are two areas that set him apart from his competition.

Learning to plan and leverage the resources of groups like SCORE are things he learned from an early age. Woodall saw his father connect with SCORE before starting his business, Fintec Metal Finishing Technology, and learned the value from their experience in advising entrepreneurs.

He connected with SCORE mentor Cheryl Addison while still at Clemson and started an online business selling t-shirts and hats. He used the company’s product to help feed children in Central America, but he also learned the value of social media in reaching a wider audience.

Woodall’s current mentor, Fred Raab, says a keen eye for technology is a skill Woodall brings to the SCORE arsenal and a reason he hopes to see Woodall become a mentor himself in a few years.

“Tyler is extremely smart and incredibly motivated,” says Raab. “I’ve been running businesses for 50 years and if I had 10 Tylers, you don’t know what we could accomplish.”

This motivation is what drove Woodall to work for Charlotte-based Griffin Insurance shortly after college, to buy his clientele and create the WIN agency in May of this year.

quoteSince then, he has strived to expand his customer base through traditional face-to-face sales calls and the wise use of technology. He explains how a cautious approach to using social media platforms like Facebook has allowed him to reach clients far beyond his company’s Anderson County office.

He adds that a new feature he wants to launch online soon is a series of helpful videos called Insurance Tip Tuesdays. Such offers and well-crafted humorous messages help engage potential customers.

“It’s difficult,” says Woodall. “Insurance is boring. “

Beyond technology, he says exceptional customer service is essential to meeting customer needs. It goes beyond just finding the right types of insurance to help them take steps to reduce the risk of having to rely on it.

Woodall says things like risk assessments and policy reviews are ways his agency provides a level of service that competitors often don’t.

“I feel like I take a few more steps than other companies,” he says.

For more information on the WIN Agency, visit winatfinances.com.

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