To Focus on Customer Service and Customer Onboarding, HR Service Partners Appoints New Leadership Positions

Focus on customer service
HRSP operates with the notion that true customer service comes through technology and integration by improving the methods of communication between its organization and its customers. Masias will oversee the expansion of customer relationships through focused and focused customer service.

“I am excited to return to the fundamentals of our identity as a company, which means that we focus on optimizing communication and service processes with our customers,” Masias said. “In 2022, we will focus on customer service and integration to identify each area where we can serve our customers more effectively. We will use all of our resources, technologies and training that we have cultivated to accelerate the growth of our customers and our organization.”

Onboarding customers through technology
As HRSP continues to facilitate the process of communicating with customers, it will also use new and innovative technologies to improve operational efficiency. Carter will oversee the execution and integration of software for employee training, engagement and process development.

“I will continue to oversee many of my roles as Controller, but Matt and Jason’s entrepreneurial vision requires someone who can follow the rapidly growing ecosystem we have created at HR Service Partners and interpret it into functionality. “, Carter said. “This role means to me is that I have earned their trust to be the executor of their vision and help them and our customers reach new heights through integration and technology.”

SOURCE HR Service Partners

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