The Legend Gardens customers gave up.

Customers of the Legend Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care have many questions about the state shutdown. NBC Palm Springs has confirmed that employees at this facility have not been paid for their work for weeks.

“It bounced back and then everyone’s count was negative and we didn’t hear anything from the owner, everyone was trying to contact him,” said Naomi Saavedra, Legend Gardens staff member.

While Legend Gardens employees should have enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, they ended up with empty bank accounts.

Their paychecks have rebounded and the owner refuses to answer calls. But over a week later, they’re still showing up to do their jobs.

“If there were no staff, they couldn’t eat because unfortunately they couldn’t. There are some who cannot go to the bathroom, who cannot walk. So if some of us weren’t there, we literally wouldn’t be able to do anything on our own, ”Saavedra explained.

The nursing home specializes in memory care, and now 30 of its residents have to find new accommodation.

“We are here to take care of the patients and the care of the patients, and to make sure they are transferred safely to a safe and healthy environment where they will be happy,” said Lola Andrews, CommunityLinking with Omni Senior Services.

State and local services were both on site Friday morning, not only to provide patient assistance, but also to help longtime staff members find new jobs.

“Legend Gardens, every staff here and residents is family, it’s like no other establishment,” Saavedra added.

Some patients hope to be placed with a familiar face.

“I know some of the staff here have gathered their resources to organize Thanksgiving for their residents, so you have staff and caregivers who don’t make a lot of money and are contributing financially to the benefit of their residents, ”Andrews explained. .

“There are a lot of residents right now who are heartbroken, we can’t even walk into a room because as soon as they see us they start to cry and they start saying they don’t know what that they will do without us. family members actually want to know where we are going because they want to move family members to where they want to be, ”Saavedra added.

Family members are working with state and local authorities to find a new facility for all patients, and we’re happy to report that everyone will have a place to go.

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