Rowe Capital launches its first fund: CryptoWell Investments

BOULDER, Col., February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rowe Capital Group (“Rowe”), the new diversified digital investment platform aimed at providing the next generation of investors with access to investment opportunities typically limited to institutional investors, has announced the launch of its first fund, CryptoWell Investments.

“Rowe was founded and is led primarily by results-driven women entrepreneurs (ROWEs) who realized the need to support younger and traditionally underserved investors,” said Candice Powell, managing partner and executive vice president of Rowe. “At Rowe, we are committed to equipping the next generation with the skills and resources necessary for financial independence, and with the launch of CryptoWell, we intend to provide these investors with access to opportunities usually reserved for individuals. very wealthy. and establishments.”

CryptoWell Investments offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in environmentally friendly technology infrastructure that generates energy for cryptocurrency mining. Its goal is to power containerized data miners to generate the cheapest energy for cryptocurrency mining. CryptoWell provides a scalable model that can be used to monetize stranded natural gas assets.

“By connecting with innovative, disruptive-type companies, Rowe strives to provide investors with access to strategic, early-stage, low-market correlation investment opportunities,” Powell added.

With its targeted millennial investor base, Rowe will focus on investment opportunities in technology, real estate and non-traditional assets, including cryptocurrency and cannabis. Although this is Rowe’s first fund, the firm is led by an experienced team with an average of 20 years of individual experience and works closely with its network of partners, advisors and business leaders. across the United States.

Rowe plans to leverage its extensive network to identify and review new investment opportunities that fit into its multi-sector strategy. After completing a rigorous due diligence process, investments are funded through agreements that strive to align the objectives of the investor, borrower and fund manager. With investors’ interests in mind, Rowe takes an active role in overseeing each fund from start to finish through the guided expertise of highly trained, industry-specific portfolio managers.

About Rowe Capital Group
Rowe Capital Group, LLC (“Rowe”) is different. As a diverse digital investment platform led primarily by Results-Driven Women Entrepreneurs (ROWE), Rowe is committed to empowering the next generation with financial independence. He strives to educate investors so that they can make sophisticated investment decisions. Rowe has developed an extensive network of partners, advisors, and visionary business leaders across the United States and strives to provide its investors with access to strategic, early-stage, low-cost investment opportunities. correlation with the market.

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