Rosey Capital: the fast-growing, multi-stage venture capital fund making waves in the industry

Founded by Bruce Gaynor-Long and Arthur Zaffari, Rosey Capital is a multi-stage venture capital fund with an ethical and environmentally conscious approach.

The goal of every business is to grow and evolve, and the investment opportunities allow it. Bruce Gaynor-Long is an investor and entrepreneur whose journey to success is an inspiration to many. The story of co-founding Rosey Capital with Arthur Zaffari shows how the hedge fund has become a household name in such a short time.

Rosey Capital is a fast-growing, multi-stage venture capital fund that takes on active investment roles for companies in a variety of industries. The venture capital fund uses environmentally friendly and ethical approaches to provide quality services. The company aims to ensure that its partners thrive in their industries. Bruce Gaynor-Long, the co-founder, is a firm believer that success requires business owners to be willing to lean into scaling their business by doubling down on their goals. Rosey Capital offers sophisticated business strategies that guarantee growth and also protect businesses.

Created in 2020, Rosey Capital is a partnership between Bruce and Zaffari. The young company is already making waves in the industry and has curated an extremely successful portfolio. Some companies working with Rosey Capital are in food technologies, software development, logistics, etc. The success of Rosey Capital is largely due to the commitment of the founders and their innovative approach to investment. The hedge fund has partnered with various companies and individuals since its inception.

The growing team at Rosey Capital is showing other budding investors that they can successfully pursue their passions. Bruce invested his own capital in the business and leveraged his global network of industry professionals, executives and family office entities. This shows the power of networking and building strong bonds.

A successful and up-and-coming young investor, Bruce gained investment experience working with his family office, which runs a multi-billion dollar technology company. The knowledge and experience equipped him with the tools and technical expertise to start his own business. The hedge fund has already grown into an eight-figure business in record time.

One thing that sets Rosey Capital apart is that it is not another soulless venture capital fund. The founders believe in fighting for a more environmentally friendly world and for investment firms to practice ethically. “As humans, we accept a moral obligation to transition to a greener way of life. As investors, we identify the strongest structural winds behind these industries: the preservation of our planet,” notes the company’s statement.

The prevailing wisdom of Bruce and the team at Rosey Capital transformed the hedge fund into a deliberately unique high-growth company. Rosey Capital challenges its growing partners and team to explore their creativity, autonomy and strategies at scale.

Looking at Rosey Capital’s growth trajectory, the hedge fund is poised for continued success in the years to come. Visit Rosey Capital to learn more about the venture capital fund, its founders and its team.

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