Republic and Re7 Capital Announce Strategic Joint Venture to Collaborate on Crypto Asset Management Initiatives

NEW YORK, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Republic through its UK subsidiary and DeFi fund manager Capital Re7 announced a strategic joint venture to collaborate on liquidity-focused asset management initiatives crypto tokens. This partnership lays the foundation for new joint initiatives between the two companies.

Raising venture capital funds for crypto and blockchain is well on its way to a record year in 2022indicating that many institutional investors see long-term value in the crypto sector. Venture capital has always been the primary route through which institutional investors have been able to access crypto large-scale sector. However, the industry has matured in recent years and today there are more liquid opportunities to participate in the market, ranging from liquid tokens to staking and yield opportunities.

“Despite the crypto liquidation of the market this year, crypto adoption continued to deepen,” said Jon KnipperSenior Director, Crypto Treasury of the Republic Crypto. “We are delighted to partner with Re7 Capital to explore opportunities in the liquid segment of the crypto market; in addition to their deep engagement with decentralized finance protocols, Re7’s experience in managing a crypto hedge fund makes him a great partner for us.”

“Republic Crypto shares Re7’s vision to build the financial paradigm of the future, a more transparent, inclusive and efficient paradigm,” said Yevgeny Gokhberg, managing partner at Re7 Capital. “Few companies working in web3 have helped launch as many projects as Republic Crypto, and fewer still have as much deep-rooted industry expertise to advise projects in this space. We look forward to working closely together on a range of initiatives.”

By combining veterans of blue chip institutions such as Goldman Sachs, UBS and Bank of America, with crypto-native analysts and technologists, this new strategic joint venture aims to help professional investors participate in web3. In the midst of an economic transformation supported by blockchain technology, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity for innovation in digital asset management.

About the Republic

Republic is a global fintech company on the frontier of democratizing access to private markets. Republic operates several distinct business lines, including a retail investment platform, a private equity division, and a blockchain advisory practice. “Republic” refers to a family of legal entities owned by OpenDeal Inc., a Delaware public limited company, sharing the “République” brand and certain shareholders, resources, personnel and values. “Republic Crypto“often refers to the Republic Crypto Republic advisory arm Crypto LLC d/b/a Republic Advisory Services. In other contexts, the Republic Crypto can refer to a crypto investment fund managed by Republic Capital Adviser LLC entities. Other times, “Republic Crypto” may be used in the context of an offering of digital assets hosted by an entity licensed under “Republic Retail” regulations, such as OpenDeal Broker LLC or OpenDeal Portal LLC (not Republic Crypto LLC). Neither Republic Capital Adviser LLC, OpenDeal Broker LLC, nor OpenDeal Portal LLC are involved in the strategic joint venture. Republic Crypto LLC is a web3 strategy and technology consulting firm that accelerates the growth of the industry’s most ambitious builders and investors. For more information, please visit

About Re7 Capital

Re7 Capital (“Re7”) is a team of Londoninvestment professionals specializing in liquid blockchain strategies. Re7 is a power user of DeFi, allowing it to be recognized as a liquidity provider across stablecoins and ETH.

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