Randall Reilly Clients See 60% Increase in Hiring with New RPO Team, Led by Emily Gordon

Scott MillerExecutive Vice President and General Manager of by Randall Reilly Talent Intelligence division, said “I knew Emily Gordon was the right person to launch RPO for Randall Reilly when I saw the level of service she provides to our customers. She is always dedicated to the best interests of her clients and their candidates.”

Randall Reilly Partners is focused on increasing operational efficiency through the unique combination of data and proprietary processes. “I think what’s special about our people is that we’re focused on humanizing the process while gaining efficiency with technology and tools,” said SVP Emily Gordon. “That is why Randall Reilly was so appealing. They have the technology, the tools, and the data and just needed the right team, and we’re building that with faster-than-expected growth.” Early customer partnerships have already resulted in a 60% increase in monthly hires.

The Partners team was built specifically to tackle the increasingly complex talent acquisition market we find ourselves in today. Our core industries, transportation and logistics, construction and agriculture, are vital to the economy and face extreme challenges in hiring and retaining a skilled workforce, often limiting the ability of businesses to develop their activities.

“We realized we were in a unique position to meet the challenge of bringing truly strategic RPO to our industries,” said Matt Reilly, CEO and President. “Our industry depth, technology and people transform talent acquisition from a growth limiter to a growth driver.”

About Randall Reilly

Randall Reilly is the growth platform for vital industries. We provide unique data and insights that align buyers and sellers that drive the nation’s economy. We help our clients create and grow better relationships with their customers, gain better insights into the market and buyer behaviors, and achieve better revenue growth results, both immediately and continuously. Visit randallreilly.com for more information.

ElleRhonda Martin
Senior Operations Manager, Talent Solutions
[email protected]


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