Raiven Capital arrives in Riyadh to judge the $600,000 startup competition at LEAP, one of the largest tech conferences in the Middle East

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Raiven Capital, a global early-stage technology venture capital fund, has arrived in Riyadh to judge a $600,000 seed competition for LEAP, a three-day technology conference with 61,000 attendees starting today today.

The inaugural conference involves more than 400 speakers, 80 countries and 1,000 startups. It is part of Saudi Vision 2030, the plan to diversify fossil fuels and develop other sectors, especially its digital technology-based economies. An important part of this plan is nurturing his future entrepreneurial company.

Ninety startups are participating in the Rocket Fuel Startup Competition, with a cash prize of $600,000. Startups will be judged on creativity, innovation, potential, functionality and impact on people and society. There are four prizes, with prizes ranging from $100,000 to $200,000.

“Raiven is thrilled to be here, judging the most innovative startups from around the world, hosting panel discussions and meeting investors and entrepreneurs. Supporting start-ups is essential to ensure future growth in the region,” said Supreet Manchanda, General Partner at Raiven Capital.

“There is huge potential here and in the rest of the region,” noted Raiven Limited Partner Björn Öste, co-founder of Oatly, which raised $1.4 billion last year when it went public. $10 billion purse. “It’s inspiring to see so many great innovations and the commitment to see the tech and food sectors grow,” he said.

The LEAP conference is part of a larger Middle East tour for Raiven, including Oman and Dubai, where Raiven is meeting with investors, their stealth holding company and finalizing plans for its license and eventual hub in the Middle East. East.

About Raiven Capital

Raiven Capital is an early-stage global technology venture capital fund with roots in both Silicon Valley and Toronto. Raiven Capital focuses on opportunities in artificial intelligence, DLT and Internet of Things. Raiven is actively seeking passionate founders building businesses that optimize value chains in cybersecurity, finance, energy, healthcare, environment and food. Once growth is robust, Raiven exits its portfolio companies for later-stage capital in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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