OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, disclosed an email data breach that could have affected 1.8 million users – TechCrunch

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Hello everyone on this beautiful day. If you haven’t had the chance yet, please let our new reporter know, Andre Mendez, who wrote today about Twelve capturing carbon and turning it into things like sunglasses. We also have a few submission requests: students can submit a video presentation to win a Disrupt prize, and any robotics companies wishing to participate in the upcoming July 21st TC: Robotics event have until July 7th to do so. If you’re not sure what’s in store, brian explains all this in its Actuator section. Until tomorrow! — Christina

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Startups and VCs

In startup and venture capital news, we start with Mary Annon Mottu, a Brazilian motorcycle rental startup that has raised $40 million to help Latin Americans become couriers. This seems to be a trend to watch in this region.

Moving on to storytelling startup Wattpad, which has unveiled new programs that could charge writers by measuring reader engagement, Ivan writing.

Expense management is big business right now, and Tags reported that Sava is the latest to attract funding, $2 million in pre-seed capital, for its approach to helping companies control expenses and eliminate the manual labor of tracking it all.

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  • MoMoney for MoHash: The startup, which received $6 million in seed funding, aims to provide crypto options, pot holder writing.
  • Keep your hand out of my pocket: Mary Ann writes about HomeLister’s $10 million Series A round that allows homeowners to sell their home without the realtor and keep the commission for themselves.
  • Data Dance: Black Swan Data now has $18.5 million in new funding to predict which products will be most successful based on social media conversation data, Kyle reports.

When it comes to sanctions, private equity funds should proceed with great caution

The man walks carefully on a path of small rocks in the middle of the sea;  private equity needs to be careful about sanctions

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Banks and other financial institutions must follow know-your-customer (KYC) guidelines, but private equity funds have a loophole: They aren’t legally required to tell regulators who their investors are — or if they behave suspiciously.

However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed the situation.

The increasingly isolated nation now faces international sanctions, and “PEs are investing in the tight management of compliance programs, policies and procedures at each of their portfolio companies,” writes StoneTurn partner Snežana Gebauer.

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Big Tech inc.

Samsung Electronics said it was the first to mass-produce 3-nanometer chips in the world. As kate reports, this is good news for an industry that is experiencing a shortage that has affected everyone from automakers to anyone trying to build next-gen products.

Tim unpacks the U.S. Supreme Court’s new ruling that “the Environmental Protection Agency has no authority to regulate carbon pollution from existing power plants,” writing that something like this will have to come from Congress.

There in India, pot holder writes that a deal for Lenskart to acquire a majority stake in Japan-based eyewear brand Owndays will create “one of Asia’s largest online eyewear retailers”.

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