Nightmare road works are delaying the care of my vulnerable clients

A Derbyshire carer has expressed frustration and concern as a series of roadworks have delayed her visits to vulnerable clients receiving crucial care at home.

Joy Kerr, 50, from Langley Mill, works in her hometown while visiting homes in Heanor and Denby. She says a drive from Langley Mill to Heanor that usually takes seven minutes in her car has taken at least 20 minutes in recent weeks.

She says it puts her clients at risk because they depend on her help to go about their daily activities, such as getting out of bed, eating and drinking, and bathing. Joy routinely leaves ten minutes early for appointments to deal with delays.

She said: “Whichever way I go, I’m stuck at traffic lights with other cars. I had to find shortcuts to respect the time.

“I’ve never experienced it so stressful, it’s a nightmare. I take more time out of my spare time to plan ahead and leave early so I don’t get late to clients.

“I deal with very vulnerable people. I take them to the bathroom, I bring them food, I take them medicine. Some can’t get up without my help – these are things we all take for granted.

Joy, who has worked for Premier Community, a care services company which has covered Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, for more than three years, added that this has heightened her concerns about the cost of living as her journeys are longer and the slow traffic makes it consume more diesel.

Joy says she has never been so stressed after working as a caregiver for more than three years

She said: “Diesel prices are crazy right now and I am constantly stopping, crawling and then stopping again. I know the shortcuts now, but the others too. Do I keep going down the main roads or risk getting stuck somewhere else? It’s a Catch-22.

“Normally I’m not stressed, I love to drive. But for now, it’s a repeating cycle. It was a battle.

Residents have criticized the number of roadworks authorized by Derbyshire County Council in Heanor, Langley Mill and Leabrooks over the past month or so, saying some areas have been dug up more than once.

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Gas company Cadent undertook or planned work between May 9 and July 8 on Church Street, Mundy Street, Thorpes Road, Ilkeston Road and Burnt House Road.

Severn Trent carried out or planned work between May 18 and June 2 on Lower Dunstead Road and Station Road. Derbyshire County Council has also carried out resurfacing work in the area.

One resident warned of “chaotic delays”. He said: ‘If you’re traveling anywhere near Leabrooks corner, expect chaotic delays.

“There are temporary four-way traffic lights for a square foot hole in the sidewalk outside the co-op, but nowhere near the roadway. Frustrating and weird.

Others say the works are “beyond a joke”, with another locale suggesting a more sinister motif. They said: Does anyone think he’s actually looking for dead bodies or something? It’s Thorpes Road, Heanor, Loscoe, Codnor/Golden Valley, Langley Mill. Anywhere else?”

Unorthodox alternatives to driving have also been suggested. One person said: “Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to put a giant zipper all the way from Codnor to Langley Mill?”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: ‘Utility companies Cadent Gas and Severn Trent Water are carrying out major mains renewal work in the area and as the road authority we are working hard to ensure that we coordinate the work to minimize disruptions, including our own. work to improve the department’s roads.

“Utility companies, including gas, electric, water and telephone, are responsible for traffic management during their works, including temporary traffic signs and lights and on major roads, we always ask them to run the lights manually at the busiest times.

“Our planned surfacing work on Derby Road and New Derby Road will take place after 7pm and is expected to take around five separate days.

“We realize that road works of any kind, whether our own or those undertaken by utility companies to keep essential services running, can cause delays for motorists and we would like to apologize for any inconvenience. .

“To find out more about road works planned by the County Council and utility companies, visit which has a map including all the details of the work, deadlines, deviations and the organization responsible for the work.

The council says the district works dates are general times for a large program of several projects that will move onto local streets. It takes five days for a work to be completed and moved. These will last until June but there is no specific date.

A Severn Trent spokesman said: ‘We are now in the final stages of a major project at Langley Mill to replace 12km of pipe. These are essential works that will allow the infrastructure to meet the needs of the community and ensure a continuous supply of water to our customers.

“The project is due for completion next week and we would like to thank everyone for their patience during this work.

“Temporary traffic lights have been put in place to protect delivery crews and allow a continued flow of traffic, and we have coordinated with Cadent and Derbyshire County Council to allow them to deliver their work within the same window, in minimizing the time restrictions need to be in place on the roadway.

“We would like to apologize to everyone affected by this work and once again thank the residents of Langley Mill for their patience throughout the completion of this project. »

Cadent has been contacted for comment.

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