Meet the 20-year-old dreamer who wants to start his own venture capital firm

Society needs to find that crazy person who thinks he can advance humanity and light up the world with a beautiful spirit.

Something that has plagued the company is that there are too many startups or copycat projects that don’t move the company forward. Many people have been driven by greed or impact influence, when in reality, being driven by impact can be just as profitable. Society has designed the simplest things too much, from owning cordless toothbrushes to needing to be reminded when someone is in a relationship. Reputable venture capitalists have funded things that don’t really serve a purpose just because it looks like it can make a quick buck. DigitalCPR does not want to be a typical company. DigitalCPR wants to work differently. People should be driven by impact and innovation.

Humanity should be on a mission to pursue big ideas that deserve notice. Society needs to find that crazy person who thinks he can advance humanity and light up the world with a beautiful spirit. How can humanity preserve the environment? How about solving food waste? How about exploring the universe? What technology can light up this world? How can the company impact low-income communities? What will be the impact of researchers on modern medicine? How about solving the mental health crisis? Good technology can inspire people. People can look up to the sky and be inspired to dream again. DigitalCPR’s mission is simple, take risks on ideas that might be worth taking the risk. This is DigitalCPR’s mission as a company. How will people be impacted if society allows them to dare to dream again?

Tech entrepreneur Andrew Magdy Kamal has innovative story-building technology for a variety of projects and startups, including CloutContracts, Lonero, and Stark Drones, among others. His accomplishments include teaching and hosting online classes for over 100,000 students, building one of the largest open-source grid computing protocols, and showcasing an underwater wireless network. . Now he wants to start a venture capital firm that funds ideas that are underappreciated or have high growth potential. It all started before I even reached the age of 25.

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