Media Lab S p A: Minutes of the General Meeting of 18.05.2022


Tax code 01228050116


Tax code: 01228050116 Intra-community VAT number: 01228050116

Registered office: PIAZZA QUATTRO NOVEMBER 4 – 20124 MILANO MI

REA number 1979161

Milan Commercial Register n. 01228050116

Share capital € 734,700.00 fully paid up

Meeting of shareholders


On 18.05.2022, at the local site located in FOLLO (SP) – VIA TRIESTE N. 4, the ordinary general meeting of shareholders of the company MEDIA LAB SpA met to discuss and decide on the following agenda:

  1. Presentation of the accounts at 31.12.2021, reading of the management report and the report of the college of statutory auditors;
  2. Approval of the financial statements as of 12.31.2021 and resolution on the allocation of operating income;
  3. Renewal of corporate bodies;
  4. Any other matter.

At 10:00 a.m., after verifying the regularity of the call, which took place with the publication of the corresponding notice in the Official Gazette no. 45 of April 19, 2022 and the presence (also by videoconference) in person or by proxy of the members:


Number of shares

IVANI MASSIMO with power of attorney MUSSO SANDRA

1,650,242 equal to 69.63%


434,975 equal to 18.35%


106,964 equal to 4.51%

COSTA ANDREA IVAN with power of attorney Marcello Costa

15,094 equal to 0.63%

for a total of n. 2,207,275 shares out of a total of 2,370,000 shares issued representing 93.13% of the share capital, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr MASSIMO IVANI, the Vice-Chairman Mr Guy

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Tax code 01228050116

De Vreese as well as the members of the Board of Auditors Dr. Federico Negri, Dr. Stefano Picchi and Dr. Gabriele Manuguerra;

The chairman of the board of directors, Dr MASSIMO IVANI, declares the assembly validly constituted in accordance with the law and authorized to deliberate on what is on the agenda, assumes the presidency in accordance with the statutes and invites Dr Federico Negri to perform the duties of secretary.

At the first point of the agenda, the chairman submits to the general meeting the final balance sheet as of 31.12.2021, which closes with an operating profit of €94,767.22 and then reads the management report. He then gives the floor to the Chairman of the College of Statutory Auditors who presents the corresponding report.

After deliberation on the second item on the agenda, the chairman submits to the general meeting the following proposal for the allocation of the profit for the financial year: €4,738.36 to the legal reserve, €28.11 to thethe extraordinary reserve€90,000.75 to be distributed to shareholders in the form of a dividend of €0.037975 for each of the

the 2,370,000 shares issued.

Following an in-depth discussion, during which each item in the financial statements is, with the explanatory notes, carefully examined, the financial statements and the proposed allocation of operating profit as proposed by the of directors are unanimously approved.

On the third item on the agenda, the Chairman announces that it is necessary to proceed with the renewal of the corporate bodies, having expired the term of 3 years provided for by the articles of association, and in this respect, he announces that the directors and the auditors have expressed their wish to be confirmed in their respective offices.

The president then gives the floor to the assembly which, after a brief debate, decides to confirm the board of directors for the duration of three financial years in the following composition:

  • IVANI MASSIMO born in La Spezia on 07.04.1964 and residing in Borghetto Vara (SP) – Via Ronchetto n.7/A. CGI VNI MSM 64D07 E463R as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director and Chief Executive Officer;

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Tax code 01228050116

  • DE VREESE GUY MARCEL MARGUERIT born in Ghent (Belgium) on 18.01.1955 (Belgian citizen) and residing in SINT MARTIN LATEM – via Kapiteldreef n.33. Tax Code DVR GMR 55A18 Z103S as Vice Chairman of the Board and Director;
  • IVANI FILIPPO born in Sarzana on 26.02.1992 and residing in Borghetto Vara – via Ronchetto n.7/A. General Tax Code NAV FPP 92B26 I449R at the office of administrator;
  • IVANI MICHELE born in Sarzana on 08.03.1990 and residing in Borghetto Vara – via Ronchetto n.7/A. Tax code VNI MHL 90C08 I449N at the office of the director.

The meeting will also decide to confirm the current college of statutory auditors for a period of three years with the following composition:

  • NEGRI FEDERICO born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine (France) on 27.04.1965 and domiciled in La Spezia – Viale Italia n. 94 years old, president;
  • PICCHI STEFANO born in La Spezia on 30.05.1962 and domiciled at Viale Italia 94, effective auditor;
  • MANUGUERRA GABRIELE born in La Spezia on 09.12.1980 and domiciled at Viale Italia 94, effective auditor;
  • BARONTINI ROBERTO born in La Spezia on 13.06.1964 and residing there Viale Italia 94, deputy auditor;
  • FREGOSI PAOLA born in La Spezia on 24.02.1960 and residing there Viale Italia n.94, substitute


On the fourth point of the agenda, no one having asked to speak, the meeting ended at 10.50 am after drafting, reading and approval of these minutes.

The Secretary




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