Marc Amédée cuts the hair of the Patriots Players

BROCKTON – At the age of 7, Marc Amédée knew he was destined to become an entrepreneur but did not know in what capacity.

Twelve years later, Amédée was running a business and had built an elite client list with Marxmen Cuts.

“As a kid, I was always hustling and finding ways to make money. I was shoveling snow during a storm with my cousins ​​and selling candy at school,” Amédée said.

Once Amédée got to college, he started focusing on one thing everyone needs in life, money.

The young entrepreneur thought of ways to make some money and decided to try cutting his hair after visiting a local hairdresser. Amédée asked for a high-end fade, and the barber screwed up completely, he said.

“I came home to fix it in the bathroom, and my friend came in and was impressed with how I fixed my line and asked if I could do his. I didn’t know how to cut the hair, but he trusted me and it went well,” said Amédée.

“I never wanted to cut my hair. It didn’t excite me at the time, but the summer of 2011 it came to me, so I thought to myself, I guess I’m going to cut the hair. My friend was my first client, and then I caught a buzz on campus,” Amédée said.

It started with one client, then it turned into two, then three, and in the blink of an eye, Amédée was full with more than 10 clients a day.

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“In my senior year, I was skipping class to cut my hair. I became the campus barber. I cut hair in the dorm bathroom, pretty much anywhere I could,” Amédée said.

Once Amédée graduated from Framingham State University, he returned to Brockton and took on the challenge of rebuilding his clientele. He started making house calls and continuing the business.

Celebrity barber and Brockton native Marc Amedee is shown at his hair salon in Halifax on Monday, May 16, 2022.

To succeed, Amédée knew he needed to augment his skills with a cosmetology license. So he enrolled in the Rob Roy Hair Academy in December 2020 and quickly graduated. He then went to work at Barber Walters in Wellesley.

In 2020, the barber’s first celebrity client, a New England Patriots player, came into his life and wanted a new lineup.

Amédée’s friend put them in touch, and the rest was history. Currently, Amédée has cut the hair of 25 New England Patriots players, including Anfernee Jennings, Josh Uche and Kyle Dugger, he said.

Celebrity barber and Brockton native Marc Amedee is shown at his hair salon in Halifax on Monday, May 16, 2022.

The Patriots aren’t the only sports team to take an interest in the young barber.

Players from the Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Commanders, Carolina Panthers and Boston Red Sox inquired and received haircuts, Amedee said.

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Athletes are not the only ones to find out about Amédée’s services. Famous Boston rapper Cousin Stizz took a chance and sat down in Amédée’s barbershop.

“It’s super surreal to have celebrity clients. I sort of manifested that at the start of the year in January 2020. I posted a message saying I want to work with professional athletes, soar in different cities to work, get invited on tour and become a celebrity’s personal barber,” said Amédée.

Celebrity barber and Brockton native Marc Amedee is shown at his hair salon in Halifax on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Amédée did not achieve all his goals, but built his empire brick by brick.

Amédée said “manifestation” is a technique he used to get closer to his goals, but he also had to invest a lot of time in his craft to become who he is today.

The “Law of Attraction and Manifestation” is a belief that positive thoughts bring positive things into your life.

“I thought positively and the energy naturally aligned with my purpose. I put a lot of hard work into my craft and built a home hair salon for my clients. I truly believe that everything what you think about can become a reality through reflection and a strong work ethic,” said Amédée.

Amedee, a Brockton native who lives in Halifax, is a guidance counselor at Brockton Public Schools and has a haircut on the side. He hopes to expand his business and one day work full-time as an entrepreneur.

Rise to becoming a full-time entrepreneur is not the barber’s only goal. He wants to own several barbershops in the area and open a cosmetology school to change the narrative around barbering.

“I want to show people that you can do great things as a barber. There are other options for people besides going to school and having thousands of dollars in debt afterwards,” Amedee said.

Amédée strongly believes in pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. Becoming a barber wasn’t originally his dream job, but it turned into something he excels at and has come to love.

“Any idea you have in your heart is God speaking to you. If you think something is a good idea, then pursue it. When I started barbering, people laughed at me , but now I’m fully booked with amazing clients and visiting different cities to do my job,” Amédée said.

“I believed in myself and in this idea and made something out of nothing,” Amédée said. “Whatever you do, just believe in yourself and prove people wrong no matter what they say. Your actions will produce results.

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