La Centre’s personal trainer works to get clients in shape

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Fit For All at La Center is a personal training company run by Shannon Martin Elmer that aims to get citizens into shape.

Elmer, who has been a personal trainer for over 25 years, didn’t start her business until 2007.

“I had to lose 80 pounds after having a kid, so I spent a lot of time teaching aerobics classes,” Elmer said. “I had a friend who wanted me to do personal training with her, and once I did, it spread to more and more people.”

Elmer and fellow trainer Rachel Morgan are helping people in person on a one-to-one basis, but they’re also offering remote training through Zoom, a service that Elmer says has doubled since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“I can work with people who live anywhere, which saves time on travel,” Elmer said. “I have a best friend who lives in La Center and her best friend lives in San Diego, so they train together online.”

Elmer also has a membership video website. Users pay a monthly fee and can use her videos for workouts “anytime as much as they want,” she said.

Elmer has recorded her workouts over the past five years, which she has turned into instructional videos for the site. The videos focus on strength training, cardio, and other key areas “for a minimal price.”

Some of the inspiration behind the site came from one of Elmer’s former clients who didn’t want to drive home. This led her to create remotely accessible workouts, as well as her private Zoom sessions.

“(The members) have worked in different states and it’s amazing,” Elmer said.

In addition to these, Fit For All also has a corporate program that works with local businesses and organizations. The program offers weight loss challenges, nutritional lunch seminars, and discounted membership to the video site. For local corporate clients, she has an ultrasound body composition machine, which allows her to test participants and give them metrics on how to be healthier.

Elmer said one of Fit For All’s greatest accomplishments has been providing “affordable, fun, and achievable workouts for people over 40.” She said customer retention has also contributed to the success of the business, as some of her clients have been with her for over 10 years. Some people who achieved their goals continued to train with Elmer, she said.

An example of a client who achieved their goals was someone who wanted to run a mile in less than five minutes. After training for a few months, Elmer said he managed to set personal bests twice. She also had a husband and wife who completed her accountability program. The couple lost over 25 pounds in two months with the four-week weight loss program.

“They make their goals, but they eat the foods they want,” Elmer said. “I think the big key to any weight loss program is that the workouts can’t be too strenuous, so no jumping (especially). When it comes to nutrition, you have to be able to eat what you want, because if you don’t, you’ll end up eating whatever you want anyway.

Elmer said she was inspired to become a personal trainer after working out with her dad during the summer when she was young. His father took him to the gym.

“I found a passion for it and went with it every day. It’s my passion in life. I would do this job even if I wasn’t getting paid,” she said. I feel very lucky to be doing in life what I would do anyway: helping my friends set goals, train and be happy.”

The company is located at 671 E. Stonecreek Drive in La Center.

More information about Fit For All can be found online at

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