JESPY Clients Present Funds from Flag Pin Sale at Maplewood Ukrainian Church

From JESPY House in South Orange, NJ:

Over the past few weeks, five JESPY customers have dedicated themselves to knitting and crocheting Ukrainian flag pins. Currently being sold for $5.00 at the General Store Cooperative in Maplewood and the Rocket Ship Print Shop in South Orange, the pins have also been purchased directly from JESPY by a number of local supporters.

At a recent event held at Judi House, one of the JESPY program buildings, customers presented the proceeds of their efforts, a check for $1,000, to Pastor Sviatoslav Hot of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ascension in Maplewood.

“Every day we stayed at the church and collected items to send to Ukraine,” Pastor Hot said. “We really appreciate your help. This is a moment that deserves recognition, photos, filming. I will share with my friends and my community so they can see that they have support.

In addition to Pastor Hot and several of his church staff, there were the ladies of the JESPY knitting/crocheting team, Father Jim Worth of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Maplewood, clients of the JESPY Empowerment Day, JESPY Staff, JESPY Executive Director Audrey Winkler and JESPY Community Relations Supervisor Tara Roberts who initiated the flag pin project.

JESPY serves over 250 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a variety of support services, enabling them to live independently in South Orange. For more information, log on to

Pastor Hot, center, poses with members of his team, JESPY Knitters, Pastor Jim Worth, JESPY Executive Director Audrey Winkler, and JESPY Community Relations Supervisor Tara Roberts.

Customers Janet A. and Heather S. present a check to Pastor Hot of the Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Maplewood.

Pastor Hot addresses the attendees and discusses some of the issues currently occurring in Ukraine.

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