“It’s crazy” Tax preparer tells clients he’s not dead

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif .– A seasoned tax preparer in San Luis Obispo knows all about handling complex issues. He has been preparing his clients’ returns for over 50 years.

But even he had such a frustrating problem that he had to call NewsChannel 3 Tipline for help.

Paul Torba said it all started in November 2020 when he decided to retire and sell his tax preparation business after this year’s tax season.

But his personal and work phone lines were on the same account since he does much of his work from home. To sell the business, he would have to separate them.

Torba has found that this is easier said than done. He asked several phone companies to help him with this process and in an interview with NewsChannel 3, he spent about 10 minutes describing in detail everything that went wrong.

“So now I have three companies involved, one more than when I first spoke with you,” Torba said via a Zoom interview with NewsChannel 3. “Wow, I need a show two-hour television to try and explain this one, ”Tipline reporter CJ Ward replied. “It’s just getting worse and worse,” Torba said.

Torba went to AT&T to find a way to separate the different phone numbers into different accounts. He said AT&T told him they could do it. Better yet, they could give him the internet at home, office and bundle him. However, AT&T ran into problems.

“I didn’t even know my phone wasn’t working until someone came over to me, ‘My God, am I glad to see you. I thought you were dead.’ I’m going what do you mean? He said, “Well your phone says it’s disconnected” and he had been trying to reach me through my desk phone, ”Torba said.

The phone number that was disconnected has been Torba’s business line since 1972. He discovered that it was down in February in the middle of the busy tax season.

“It’s crazy. You know, I mean you can’t believe in frustration,” Torba said.

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