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Dynasty financial partners says a team of advisers has joined its network since Raymond James.

Bryan Sweet, Ty totzke, Olivier Kollofski and Brittany Anderson previously held $ 875 million in client assets at Raymond James.

They are part of the new group of 15 people Soft financial partners, who registered with the Security and Trade Commission last month.

Sweet is the founder and CEO of the new practice; Kollofski is a partner and director of heritage services; Totzke is a partner and wealth advisor while Anderson is a partner and president, according to Dynasty.

The practice has locations in Fairmont and Jackson, Minnesota. She has clients in 28 states and five countries and focuses on serving women in transition such as widows and divorcees, business owners who have sold their businesses, and tax planning for retirees, Dynasty says.

The growth of the team’s client assets and the need to better serve these clients and new clients were among the reasons the Consultants decided to join Dynasty.

“[W]We knew it was time to expand our opportunities in the way we serve our customers and future customers through better technology, integrations and a cutting edge approach. This has become even more important as we quickly approach becoming a billion dollar asset under management company, ”Sweet said in a statement.

Consultants rely on Dynasty to help them grow their practice without necessarily hiring more people.

“One of Dynasty’s core values ​​is being able to deliver the efficiency needed to double our business without having to double our team. We have exceptionally high hiring standards and a team that strives to provide an exceptional customer experience. We want to be able to reward them in building, while also opening up the capacity at the same time, ”Anderson said in a statement.

Sweet has been in the industry since 1981, when he enrolled in Equity services, according to his BrokerCheck save. He worked at United American Life Insurance Company from 1982 to 1983, Chubb Securities Company from 1983 to 1986, and Manequity from 1986 to 1989, when he started working for Raymond James. He spent 32 years with Raymond James before becoming independent.

Totzke started in the industry in 1998, when he registered with Merrill Lynch, according to its BrokerCheck file. He moved to Raymond James in 2003 and spent 18 years there before becoming independent.

Kollofski started in the industry in 2007, when he registered with ING financial partners, according to its BrokerCheck file. He moved to Raymond James that year and spent 13 years there before becoming independent.

Anderson joined the Sweet Financial team in 2008. She received her BA in Business Administration and has spent part of her career working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and creative writers. of processes and engaging ideas for the team. She is the author of two books, including two more launched in 2022.

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