Increasing Indian and Foreign Customer Growth Through Digital Marketing: Parth Velani

Odyssey to success by Parth Velani.

Success is never easy, but overcoming challenges becomes ten times easier when you have the zeal to learn and grow. Parth Velaniowned by Bhavnagar, has exemplified the power of hard work, dedication and discipline throughout its successful journey.

Intrigued with facts on various topics, after graduating from Gujarat Technical University, Parth pursued his Masters in Electrical Engineering from AIT. Today he is one of the best social media marketers we have. Starting from scratch, he now has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. Not only does he manage to keep his audience engaged through his various social media pages, but he also helps other businesses grow on social media platforms.

Parth says, “Over the years, my primary motivation behind building my online presence has been to help people grow their business. So far we have worked with several Indian and Overseas clients and the team has worked tirelessly to help the companies achieve their end goal.

Not only is he a social media marketer, but he is also an incredible leader who not only points people in the right direction but also accompanies them on their journey to success. Asking more about it, he said, “People come to me with all kinds of questions because of my leadership skills. They trust me that even if I can’t help them directly, I will at least steer them in the right direction so that they get a little closer to their goals.

Success didn’t come easy and no one knows that better than Parth himself. But his risk factor and his curiosity to know everything allowed him to stay one step ahead of his competitors. He dreams of becoming one of the best fantasy league mentors in the world. It takes a lot of patience and Parth also needs to develop his analytical skills which will be an essential part of him to be in this field but we all know that with Parth’s determination to thrive for improvement he will achieve his goal in a no time. .

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