I’m a tattoo artist and I tell my clients three common lies when things go wrong

ONE tattoo artist shares the three common lies he tells his clients when things go wrong.

In a TikTok, tattoo artist Winnie The Jroo speaks candidly about those times when tattoos don’t go as planned.


The user made the TikTok to share the three liesCredit: TikTok/winniethejroo
The video has been viewed over 1.7 million times


The video has been viewed over 1.7 million timesCredit: TikTok/winniethejroo

The caption of the video reads: “what tattoo artists really mean”.

Winnie The Jroo presents three scenarios during the video, first sharing what he says to customers and then what he really thinks about himself.

First of all, when he says to a client, “the tattoos are fine!” he really means “the stencil is falling off”.

The second storyline begins with Winnie The Jroo saying, “we’re almost done!”

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What he really means is “still need some highlights,” the on-screen text reads.

The Last Lie begins with Winnie The Jroo telling a client, “I’ll tag you when I post it.”

But he really means “don’t post this tattoo”.

The video has been viewed over 1.7 million times and received hundreds of comments.

TikTok users had a lot to say in response to the video.

“I will love my tattoo but the artist won’t post it and I will start overthinking all my life choices,” one user wrote.

“The ‘no post’ hurts more than the highlights,” wrote another.

“‘We’re almost done’ that’s why I have trust issues,” added another.

One TikToker wrote, “I identify with this very hard.”

Winnie The Jroo is the creator of Tatventure and the owner of Olympus Tattoo in Utah.

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According to his profile on the shop’s website, the tattoo artist is heavily influenced by Polynesian and tribal tattooing, and is well known for his contemporary, modern, and surreal styles.

He did not immediately return a request for comment from The US Sun.

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