iD Collective expands its client portfolio with three new fashion clients

iD Collective has expanded its client portfolio by adding three new fashion clients, Gorman, LA Gear and Swatch.

The announcement:

Creative communications agency, iD Collective continues to expand its client portfolio, with recent appointments from Gorman, LA Gear and Swatch.

Along with the agency’s team of communications experts, iD Collective is delighted to work alongside Gorman to showcase their playful and colorful styles in the iD Sydney showroom, as well as provide samples to media, KOLs and consumers. stylists. The brand has also worked with iD on previous PR campaigns. Founded by Lisa Gorman in 1999, the brand continues to uphold the values ​​of sustainability ensuring
the clothes are ethically produced to eliminate any negative impact on the environment. Current styles include pops of color and pattern, likewise, the Gorman Playground range focuses on bright, fun youthful colors for children.

Iconic 90s brand LA Gear recently re-launched across Australia, paying homage to its LA streetwear heritage while transforming into new high trends to inspire a new generation. iD Collective was appointed to deliver and organize its campaign concept and filming, public relations and social media management. iD also works with the LA Gear team with influencer management, to showcase its new designs, reaching a wide range of different people. LA Gear has successfully launched in Big W stores nationwide and is sold exclusively. iD is delighted to be working with the LA Gear team, bringing LA Gear to Australia.

Applying iD Collective’s fashion expertise, the agency also worked hand in hand with Swiss brand Swatch to launch its new collaborations with BIOCERAMIC Colors of Nature and Center Pompidou in the Australian market. Swatch embodies a concept of quality that has stood the test of time, combining the technical quality as well as the aesthetic quality of their products. iD Collective managed its strategic PR campaign, alongside influencers and event management to showcase its latest pieces.

Source: ID Collective press release

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