Hummingbird reaches 2,000 customers under CEO Bruno Nicoletti

HUMMINGBIRD is a technology company that helps financial advisors book more meetings with ideal prospects using the power of LinkedIn.

Tech companies process an understanding of LinkedIn’s algorithm on average their 2,000 advisors 15 new meetings a month with ideal prospects.

“It’s almost like Bruno Nicoletti… It’s LinkedIn’s algorithm,” said one of HUMMINGBIRD’s clients.

Mr. Nicoletti and his team have been serving financial advisors in the LinkedIn community for 2.5 years. With extreme attention to detail and an almost brilliant understanding of the social dynamics within the platform, HUMMINGBIRD has a 93% retention rate with its customers.

The tech company works on a subscription model charging between $50 and $800 per month per financial advisor. This, coupled with nearly 10,000,000 LinkedIn prospecting data points, makes HUMMINGBIRD the most exciting player on social media platforms.

“It’s very impressive what Bruno Nicoletti was able to do. He turned an idea into a tech company worth perhaps over $100 million in 3 years. There aren’t many people who can do that. said a mentor.

When we interviewed Bruno, he rarely talked about his accolades. “Forget that noise, I’m just excited to follow through on a dumb idea I had. What other dumb ideas am I going to come up with that will turn into my future!”

One thing is certain, Bruno’s enthusiasm and vision of the world are motivating…

And one might even say contagious.

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