Here are 17 female VCs who teamed up in Europe in 2021

  • Only 12% of leadership positions in Europe’s venture capital industry were held by women in 2021, according to Atomico.
  • Efforts to promote diversity have been slow, says Mali Baum, founding member of European Women in VC.
  • These are the 17 women who became partners in venture capital firms in the region last year.

At 29, Annalize Dragic became one of Europe’s youngest female venture capitalists last year after rising through the ranks at Sapphire Ventures.

His promotion was something of a rarity, as the venture capital industry is overwhelmingly male. Women held 12% of top positions like general partner and managing director at venture capital firms in 2021, down slightly from 13% a year earlier, according to Atomic state reports. of European technology.

The male dominance of the venture capital sector can create a kind of vicious circle. A lack of diversity and the broader VC culture can alienate women, Mali Baum, who leads the European Women in VC diversity initiative, told Insider.

“There is change, but it’s so slow,” Baum said of the movement to increase women’s participation in European VC.

Having more women in high-level investment positions would also improve check-writing diversity, Baum said. Female partners are twice as likely to invest in early-stage female founders, according to the Kauffman Fellows entrepreneurship program.

Meanwhile, Richard Robinson, a black founder who quit his job at a law firm to launch a legal tech startup, found that female investors were more willing to back him, he previously told Insider.

To mark the success of the women who are leading the way in Europe’s changing venture capital landscape, Insider recognizes the women who became partners or general partners for the first time in 2021.

Due to the size of the European venture capital industry, we have undoubtedly missed some partner promotions in 2021. Contact Riddhi Kanetkar at [email protected] or Tasmin Lockwood at [email protected] to let us know who is missing.

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