HELLA Ventures invests in actnano B series

SAN FRANCISCO, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HELLA Ventures, a venture capital firm recognized for helping portfolio companies bring innovative technologies to life, today announced its participation in the Series B of actnano, a world leader in surface protection technologies for automotive and consumer electronics.

HELLA Ventures is a multi-tiered venture capital fund focused on investments in mobility, advanced technologies and industrial manufacturing. Founded in 2015, HELLA Ventures leverages its close relationships with the automotive industry as well as HELLA’s industrialization and manufacturing capabilities to help startups bring their innovative technologies to market. As the leading Tier I supplier of automotive electronics, HELLA will help commercialize new applications of actnano’s nanocoating technology.

“We see huge market potential for actnano in many industries. There are dozens of potential use cases for actnano’s waterproof and durable gel coatings, ranging from electronic circuit boards to coatings for high-resolution, panoramic camera systems, ”mentioned Marco marinucci, partner at HELLA Ventures. “We look forward to partnering with actnano to identify further opportunities in close collaboration with HELLA. “

“We are grateful for the enthusiastic support we have received so far from HELLA Ventures and are excited about what our future holds,” said Taymur Ahmad, CEO of actnano. “Our goal is to make sure all vehicles are equipped with our rescue technologies and with the additional guidance and resources of our new partners, we take it one step further.”

BostonActnano’s innovative nanocoating technologies protect automotive and consumer electronics from damage due to harsh environmental conditions and can be applied using existing equipment that is standard in many electronics manufacturing facilities. Its proprietary formulas protect complex circuit boards and electrical connections without trapping heat in high power components or reducing the integrity of digital signals during information transfer.

“With the increase in electrification and automation, the value share of automotive electronics per vehicle will increase dramatically over the next decade and actnano is uniquely positioned to benefit from these tailwinds,” said Martin Rudigier, director at HELLA Ventures. “We are delighted to support actnano’s visionary team of experienced operators in bringing this technology to millions of vehicles.”

About HELLA Ventures

Founded in 2015, HELLA Ventures is a multi-tiered venture capital fund focused on investments in mobility, advanced technologies and industrial manufacturing. In addition to our own automotive expertise, we leverage our relationship with global Tier 1 automotive supplier HELLA as an industrialization and / or distribution partner in the automotive industry to maximize the success of our portfolio companies. For more information, please visit www.hellaventures.com

About actnano

actnano sets a new standard in electronic protection with its commercialized water and environmentally resistant nanocoating technology, Advanced nanoGUARD â„¢. The company’s surface protection technologies can be applied directly to connectors, antennas, LEDs and high heat-generating components, allowing electronics manufacturers to fully protect their devices for the first time. With a scalable turnkey solution that integrates seamlessly with existing manufacturing lines, actnano is well positioned to expand its global presence with major automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers. Today, the company is a trusted partner of global automotive and consumer electronics OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as customers and investors. ANG technology is already integrated into production vehicles and major consumer devices around the world. For more information, please visit www.actnano.com.

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