Harmony Launcher Raises $ 1.7 Million in Private Seed Funding to Create the First IDO + IGO Launchpad & Incubator on the Harmony Blockchain

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Harmony Launcher is delighted to announce that we have successfully closed our Private Seed Fundraising Rounds, raising a total of $ 1.7 million in investments. During this process, we have built a strong network of early supporters to contribute to the long term success of our platform.

Delhi, India, November 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain thread) The success of our private seed fundraisers marks an important step towards the achievement of Harmony Launcher a reality, in addition to establishing a solid initial base of token holders and supporters.

The private seed round has been led by some of the industry’s leading funders such as Basics Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, X21 Digital, AU21 Capital, Maven Capital, Magnus Capital, Gains Capital, Everese Capital, Ex Network and with participation of other venture capital and private companies. equity investors such as OASIS Capital, Region Venture, NFT Tech, Lotus Captial, BlueMoon Capital, CRT Capital, Cathy Capital, ZB Capital, Fish Dao, Dutch Crypto Investors, BMW Venture Capital, ZBS Capital, Andromeda, Avalon Capital, Hello Capital, Angelone Capital, Inverse, AVstar Capital, Azer Capital, Avisa Venture, Unanimous Capital and Connect Ico.

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The main goal of Harmony Launcher is to establish a premier plan for Harmony Blockchain based projects to raise initial funds / capital in a safe, secure and hassle-free manner, encouraging more and more start-ups to use the Harmony blockchain as the base.

“The lack of Launchpads on Harmony Blockchain seems to hamper the growth, development and use of the Harmony blockchain by upcoming projects, this is part of the reason we created Harmony Launcher.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our investors who foresaw the potential and the problem that the Harmony Launcher tends to solve within the crypto community.

The proceeds of these investments would be used to shape the harmony launcher so that it fits seamlessly into the void that connects harmony-based projects to the blockchain ecosystem. – Said Mr. Harshad, CEO of Harmony Launcher.

About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad & Incubator with an integrated DEX AMM built on the Harmony blockchain that would focus on incubating and delivering all the fundamental and necessary foundations for start-ups and network-based projects Harmony to build, fundraise, and launch successfully.

The Harmony Launcher would be a one-stop-shop incubation platform accelerating the growth and development of Harmony blockchain-based start-ups while providing investors with a fair opportunity to invest smartly and securely.

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