Encourage your customers to make their travel list

There are a few special moments that have stuck with me since working full time as a travel agent. One that I fondly remember was after I returned from a Rocky Mountaineer familiarization trip. I had organized an event in our agency so that potential clients could learn more about the company and I ended up making a few reservations.

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The moment I remember was not during the familiarization trip or during the event. It wasn’t when I got some of those bigger bookings. It was when one particular client came home from his train adventure with his wife and called me to thank me for suggesting such a unique trip. They had never heard of Rocky Mountaineer before our agency’s event, and they were so grateful to have had the chance to take this vacation. It was a bucket list trip for them.

That phone call gave me the confidence I needed to suggest more unique vacation ideas to other customers – and now is the perfect time for you to start suggesting these types of trips to your customers.

Recent Travelport research highlights travelers’ enthusiasm for vacations in 2022; it is said to be “the year of travel”. After two years of travel restrictions, Travelport data has revealed people are ready to ditch restaurants, shops and various forms of entertainment in order to travel.

Urge your customers to get big

With all this energy and focus on travel, now is the perfect time for travel counselors to suggest that clients make trips off their to-do list. There are a few great ways to do this.

One idea is to share how several popular destinations are removing their COVID-19 travel restrictions. We see more and more countries opening their borders and welcoming tourists with fewer restrictions – and in some cases without restrictions.

There are also a lot of offers to be made at the moment. Each time a new destination reopens, it is often followed by deep reductions at hotels and tour operators. Keep an eye out for promotions to share with your customers.

Although some travelers have their travel bucket in mind, don’t be afraid to suggest original ideas that your customers may not have thought of yet. Maybe it’s something as simple as suggesting a new destination or maybe something bigger like a train trip in Canada, a yacht cruise in Europe or a safari in Africa.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s to take nothing for granted, and that includes travel. Do not hesitate to encourage your customers to make their trip on the list of things to do this year. Just like my client did, he’ll thank you for it later.

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