Edmonton Food Charities See More Customers Amid Rising Inflation, Rising Costs

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With Alberta facing inflation as well as supply chain disruptions and lingering problems from the COVID-19 pandemic, two of Edmonton’s food charities say customers hardest hit .

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Regarding supply disruptions, Tim Hanson, director of fund development for Meals on Wheels Edmonton, said they have a few commercial suppliers, so if one of them runs out the others can. replace or get the same product within days.

Likewise, Tamisan Bencz-Knight, spokesperson for the Edmonton Food Bank, said it anticipates cost increases or supply delays in advance.

“We’ve been sourcing turkeys since June and making sure we have as many resources available ahead of time. Realistically, we plan a lot in advance, ”said Bencz-Knight.

What we are seeing is an increase in the number of customers.

“People’s job stability and the state of the economy kind of hit people. We’re in a bit of a bind where our customer base is growing, ”said Hanson.

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Hanson said they now have thousands of customers in need of their services, with an average of 40 to 45 deliveries each day of around 400 to 450 meals a day. This puts more volunteers on the road and more people are volunteering to help in the kitchen.

Bencz-Knight noticed something similar.

“What we noticed is that the people who were really in pain before, it got worse for them. This is the biggest challenge, someone who only needed our help a few times last year needs us more this year. It feels like you’re kicking someone when they’re down, people who are really struggling are struggling now, ”said Bencz-Knight.

In addition to the pressure of the increasing cost of food and fuel, donations have been reduced. Someone who can normally donate $ 100 may only be able to donate $ 50 now. And donor money is not buying as much food as it used to be.

Both organizations praise the generosity of the people of the city who really help.

“There has been a huge influx of goodwill from the community and from the new donors who have helped in whatever way they can. We were very lucky that the community continued to grow. It’s really amazing, ”said Hanson.

“We are very lucky and honored that the Edmontonians are very, very good to us,” said Bencz-Knight.

To make a donation, go to mealonwheelsedmonton.org/pages/donate and edmontonsfoodbank.com/donate-now/

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