Dynamo integrates next-generation analytics to improve investment reporting and forecasting

Dynamo Partners with Northfield Information Systems to Equip Sponsors (LPs) with Best-in-Class Analytics and Reporting

BOSTON, June 29, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dynamo Software, Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end cloud software solutions for the alternative investment management industry, today announced a partnership with Northfield Information Services, Inc. Through this information technology collaboration, Dynamo will further augment its analytics and reporting by providing limited partners (LPs) with enhanced cash flow and fair value modeling and forecasting, powered by Northfield.

The Dynamo-Northfield partnership responds to the growing demand for information and transparency about investment performance that investors want to be able to easily obtain in today’s dynamic environment. The integration enables Dynamo’s LP clients, including endowments, foundations, pensions, family offices and funds of funds (FOFs), to design allocation plans, assess potential cash shortfalls and perform stress/scenario tests with increased confidence.

Northfield’s data integration, combined with Dynamo Data Automation (DDA), also enables LPs to accelerate smart business decisions and optimize investment operations. Dynamo clients will now have access to the most in-depth reporting and risk modeling in the industry, and can confidently eliminate the labor intensive manual process of sourcing investment data from manager portals and emails. .

“Institutional investors need increasingly sophisticated analytical and forecasting tools to achieve and sustain their investment goals, especially in turbulent markets,” said Dynamo CEO Hank Boughner. “We share this mindset. Dynamo’s proven platform has been embraced by LPs as essential for the business to deliver portfolio optimization and in-depth analytical modeling that accelerates ROI behind investment strategies. essential private investment. Now, with Northfield, we are empowering LPs to come along – generation analysis, reporting, forecasting and allocation planning.”

Dynamo identified Northfield’s state-of-the-art risk model, closely tied to cash flow and net asset value (NAV) forecasting methodology, as a perfect fit for the platform’s unified user experience. With the integration of Northfield, Dynamo’s LP clients benefit from an advanced approach to private asset cash flow and fair value modeling, dynamically updated and calibrated based on client data with over 3 000 additional proprietary fund history. Unlike other industry standards, such as Takahashi-Alexander, Northfield’s forecast and probability ranges extend beyond point estimates. Northfield’s approach is linked to other notable risk models for more accurate estimation of performance and risk. This provides a comprehensive dataset that discusses fund, transaction, and hybrid structures.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dynamo and power their new cash flow reporting engine,” said Emilian Belev, Head of Enterprise Risk Analytics at Northfield. “Dynamo has repeatedly shown its commitment to delivering world-class capabilities to the private investment industry while promoting innovative approaches to improve manual, labor-intensive processes. This is exciting for us. to be part of their ecosystem of trusted partners. This will help further expand Northfield’s reach among LPs who are ready to maximize the impact of their investment through quality analytics and reporting.”

For LPs and Asset Allocators wishing to learn more about the dynamos | Northfield Beta and Early Access Programplease contact [email protected]

About Northfield Information Services, Inc.

Northfield is a leading provider of risk management analytics, known for its research-based applications and industry-wide thought leadership. Founded in 1985, we provide our risk forecasting services to over 200 asset manager and asset owner clients worldwide. Our headquarters are in Boston, with offices in London and Sydney.

For more information, please visit: https://www.northinfo.com/.

About Dynamo Software, Inc.

Dynamo Software’s mission is to be the leading end-to-end global cloud software platform for the alternatives ecosystem, serving the information sharing and analytical data needs of our constituents. Since 1998, the company has provided highly configurable, industry-tailored, cloud-based investment management, reporting and data management software solutions to the global alternative investment industry. Dynamo’s cloud-based solutions serve the private investment landscape, including private equity and venture capital funds, real estate investment firms, infrastructure, hedge funds, endowments, pensions , foundations, prime brokers, funds of funds, family offices and fund administrators. The Dynamo™ platform has improved the productivity of the entire alternative ecosystem, including CRM, fundraising, transaction management, research management, investor servicing, portfolio management and compliance teams around the world. Dynamo has a global footprint with operations in North America, EMEA and APAC.

For more information, please visit www.DynamoSoftware.com.

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