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Companies make significant investments in their holiday gift programs, ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands. Too often, however, gift shopping is left to the last minute and ends up with someone running to the nearest big box store or searching the Internet for gifts. Result: the return on investment is much lower than it could have been. However, with a little good planning you can be assured of getting the best return on investment from your program.

Your program can be easy and efficient if you follow these simple steps.

The gifts you send to customers, colleagues and employees are a reflection of you and your business. You’ll want to choose a vendor that offers high-quality gifts that showcase your company’s excellence. Remember that sending pre-packaged gifts from one of the big box stores may not convey the message you want; there’s nothing worse than sending mediocre gifts – it leaves the wrong impression and is a total waste of money.

Using an FDA-inspected company that follows FDA guidelines for food handling, labeling, and packaging should be key to ensuring your recipients get the best gifts.

To know facts and trends

In a recent report from Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm, there are many trends and insights you should be aware of when developing your gifting strategy. First, you are not alone; the corporate consumable gift industry exceeded $7.2 billion. Second, according to the report, 43% of food gift shoppers said “attractive gifts wrapped in aesthetically pleasing gift wrap” were a priority, and 56% said quality was the most important attribute of all.

The advantage of working with a distributor

Gifts from our suppliers are sold exclusively through promotional product distributors and gift basket distributors. Using the services of one of them will simplify the process and make your life easier. They are corporate gifting experts who can help you choose the right gifts, select the right distribution method, and manage all the details, including greeting cards and mailing lists.

Evaluate last year’s program

Think about last year’s program: what did you enjoy? What didn’t you like? What went wrong? The answers to these questions will help you get off to a good start this year. Your distributor will be able to help you overcome any challenges you have encountered.

Choose the right gifts

Gifts for individuals versus gifts to share
More and more people are working from home. When shopping for gifts for individuals, especially those working remotely, you might want to consider deli packages, smoked hams and turkeys, or other gifts that can be enjoyed by an entire family. . However, when selecting gifts for an office environment, options such as food towers that can be opened and shared at the same time are a better choice.

The right gift size
Choosing the right size gift is an important step. Sending a box of 12 chocolates to an individual is fine, but if it has to be shared in an office of 30 people, it doesn’t go very far. It is important to choose gifts that suit the recipient. When sending gifts to share, you’ll want to send a gift that includes enough for everyone. It is better to err on the side of sending too much than too little. The provider’s website allows you to narrow down the gifts based on the number of people they will serve.

Why choose gourmet gifts?

• Food giveaways are fun
• Everyone loves fine dining
• People remember good food
• Food gifts can be shared

Branded Gifts
Sending a gift with your company logo on the packaging adds a touch of class and shows that you put more thought into gift selection. It also helps build your brand. If you’re sending gifts to individuals, you might want to consider gifts containing a branded item that will be treasured long after the food has been enjoyed, such as a cutting board, desk accessory, or wooden truck. collection.

Attention buyer! Get an actual sample
Before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, it is imperative that you see and taste a sample. Many companies have beautiful, enticing images of gifts on their website or in their catalog, but the actual gifts turn out very different.

Opening a nice gift box or tower and finding products that look like they came from a discount store is a real disappointment – and it happens all the time. Buyers see the beautiful images, but they never see the actual gifts because they are delivered directly to the recipients. When the recipients open the gift, they discover ho-hum food, not exactly what the sender had in mind.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure to see and taste an actual sample before placing your order.

Choose the best mode of distribution

Personal delivery of gifts, if possible, is the best way to distribute them. However, this option is not always possible. Fortunately, there are other ways to send gifts to your recipients:

Sending gifts from your establishment
Shipping gifts from your office or shipping service is a simple solution if your order is not too large.

“Each year, our company sends a food gift to our customers. This is something we have been doing for at least 10 years and will continue to do so for another 10 years. I know some companies send out more traditional items like book bags and calculators and pen sets but frankly I get told all the time that our high quality food brings an office together it manages to change the subject for busy days, and it’s something they look forward to every year. That’s why we keep doing it.
-Tom Marks, A-1 Supply Corporation

Shipping directly from the seller
There are a variety of situations where it is best for the seller to ship gifts for you:

  • Perishable Gifts: If you’re ordering perishable items like smoked hams and natural cheese wraps that require refrigeration, it’s usually best for your supplier to ship these gifts directly to each recipient.
  • Tight schedule: If you’re on a tight deadline and there just isn’t enough time for you to receive the order and reship the gifts, shipping directly from the supplier can save you valuable time and ensure that your gifts are delivered when you want them.
  • Important orders: If your order is large, it may not be possible to handle shipping yourself. If you’re ordering hundreds or thousands of gifts, you’ll probably want the seller to ship them.

“I’ve been a promotional merchandiser for over 30 years and I can’t tell you how many of our customers have come to us for help after trying to develop their own corporate gifting program. I always reassure them that we are here to help them in any way. We like to start the process with a discussion of strategy, audience, and desired outcomes. From there, we analyze possible gift choices, costs, timelines, branding opportunities, and more. I think this is the best way for a company to manage their Christmas gifting efforts. »
– Mark Patrick, Notable Impressions

Get the best ROI from your holiday gifting program

When you give a gift, you are giving an experience. Giving your recipients the best experience possible will increase your return on investment and ensure that your gift and your brand will be remembered positively long after the delicious treats have been enjoyed.

Download this holiday gift guide now and share it with your customers!

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