DOJ accidentally releases list of 121 alleged clients in Westchester Sex Cult lawsuit

The trial of a father accused of running an alleged sex cult in his daughter’s college dorm in Westchester County has taken an unexpected turn after federal prosecutors reportedly released a list of former clients linked to the operation .

Lawrence Ray, 62, the man who allegedly led the Sarah Lawrence College cult near the Yonkers and Bronxville border in Westchester, has been on trial in Manhattan for more than a week on charges of sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor , and other offenses for leading the shady operation at the school.

However, Ray’s trial – which has included several suspensions due to health issues – went awry when the Justice Department admitted on Tuesday March 22 that it had “inadvertently” released a list of alleged clients linked to the sex cult.

Among the clients listed in the report who were leaked to reporters were a former New York State Supreme Court justice, high-profile attorneys, hedge fund managers, businesspeople, a painter and a Ivy-League professor of architecture.

The client list had been filed under seal, but was temporarily made public. A total of 121 names were released to reporters.

According to the Daily Mail, the list was compiled and included in an email by former Sarah Lawrence student Claudia Drury, now 31, who testified and testified against Ray, who she says forced her to become a prostitute.

“By order of the Court, Government Exhibit No. 3217 (GX 3217) has been admitted under seal,” a Justice Department spokesperson wrote in an email after the leak.

“This file was inadvertently uploaded to the US v. Ray. Please do not reproduce, share or use this exhibit in any way, if you have downloaded this file, please delete it. »

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