Do you want to create your retirement fund but you don’t know where to start? Real estate investor Abdul Siddiqi may have the answer.

Real estate investing has been the gateway for many investors into building and accumulating wealth. Some have turned to this asset class for diversification and protection against huge losses in different economic conditions. Others use the investment vehicle as their ticket to exit the workforce early.

When building a retirement fund, it is crucial to acquire investments that provide significant income. In an ideal situation, this means maximizing potential investment while minimizing risk. Despite fluctuating interest rates and the economy, real estate has been one of the most solid, established and proven types of investment.

Famous real estate investor Abdul Siddiqi saw this first hand when he started his career as a real estate agent. As he mastered the art of closing and selling properties, he saw many of his clients reap huge rewards from their investments. Whether they end up renting it out or flipping it over and reselling it, they are able to turn their properties into money-making machines.

Wanting to profit from the industry, Abdul took his time to learn everything he could about real estate investing. Eventually, he gained enough skills, knowledge, and confidence to make small investments. As he acquired, managed and developed more and more properties, he was increasingly inclined to take on bigger projects for bigger returns.

Soon Abdul and his team were buying up distressed properties at faster rates. Abdul uses his many years in the industry to identify which properties to flip and sell and which to keep with astonishing precision. His ability to get the most out of every property has resulted in a portfolio of nearly $500 million.

Abdul is adamant that real estate is the key to growing people’s money, which could benefit them later in life as they retire. “I was drawn to the idea that real estate was a gateway to unlimited wealth and abundance,” says Abdul.

Although real estate investing is an established investment vehicle, Abdul points out that his experience and first-hand knowledge of all aspects of real estate has been the real key to his success. He cautions potential investors to broaden their knowledge and learn the ropes of real estate investing before adding this type of investment to their portfolio.

Jennifer Valencia
Senior Journalist


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