Despite the lack of funding, Bitcoin is one of the most developed projects – CVBJ

The Bitcoin repository on Github ranks sixth among those with the most activity in 2021, despite being a collaborative project that does not have the financial backing of venture capital.

According to the data collected by the CryptoMiso site, the developers contributing to the Bitcoin repository generated 2,950 consolidations, also known by its term in English “commits”. This expression refers to the validation or integration of a set of code modifications or optimizations.

Topping the list are projects with institutional funding or with contributions from investors or providers of venture capital. For example, the top spot is held by the Trust Wallet Project, a multi-currency wallet that was acquired by Binance in 2018. The GitHub repository of this project recorded more than 8,000 consolidations in 2021.

The CryptoMiso site prepares a ranking based on the activity of the projects in its GitHub repositories. Bitcoin reached 2,950 commits in 2021.

The ranking continues with the Solana and Avalanche projects. The former succeeded in raising capital for $ 335.8 million between 2019 and 2021, via a Type A financing round and two Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Solana, a blockchain focused on the speed of transactions, displays 4,478 consolidations in your GitHub activity this year.

As for Avalanche, another project focused on offering a high-speed blockchain, it finalized in June this year a private sale of its AVAX token for $ 230 million. Later, in November, he received another injection of capital of $ 200 million, setting up his own venture capital firm and an incubation fund focused on AVAX. The GitHub repository for this project presents 3,026 consolidations in 2021.

Bitcoin advances with direct grants to its developers

Bitcoin, for its part, as a collaborative project with more than 100 collaborators contributing to its code, maintains its activity thanks to the voluntary work and the direct grants that certain companies or institutions grant to certain developers.

Currently, projects like Brink, founded in 2020 by Bitcoin Core programmer John Newbery, are engaged in seeking sponsorship for Bitcoin developers. As reported by CriptoNoticias, Brink is focused on funding the security and stability of the base protocol, as well as research and development to extend its functionality. The project received contributions from Kraken, Gemini, Square Crypto, and the Human Rights Foundation.

In June of this year, the Gemini Opportunity Fund, the Winklevoss Brothers Exchange, allocated $ 1.5 million to support Bitcoin Core developers. The Human Rights Foundation’s development fund also reported that it distributed 4 BTC, or more than $ 190,000 at the current price, among some Bitcoin collaborators.

Other companies that operate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as Marathon Digital and the FTX and Okoin exchanges, among others, have also made financial contributions to Bitcoin developers in 2021.

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