DataProse Achieves Dramatic Growth in New Customers with Solimar Systems’ ReadyPDF

Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading provider of workflow software solutions for print production and digital communications, announced that its customer, DataProse, has seen an annual increase of up to 432% in the number of clients using its PDF-based workflow. Since introducing Solimar’s workflow solutions in 2001, DataProse has improved its internal workflows and external access to client documents, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of clients using its workflow services. PDF-centric workflows, supporting double-digit revenue growth.

By incorporating ReadyPDF Prepress Server and other workflow enhancement solutions from the Solimar Chemistry platform, they enjoy many workflow efficiencies and high demand for its workflow services.

DataProse, based in Coppell, Texas, is a turnkey solutions provider focused on converting customer data into electronic presentation and cost-effective production print output. Their business model requires a high degree of workflow automation and they chose ReadyPDF Server combined with other solutions from Solimar’s chemical platform, to achieve a tangible increase in efficiency in many areas.

DataProse uses several Chemistry Platform products, including Solimar Print Director Enterprise, Rubika, and SOLsearcher Enterprise, which provide indexing, storage, and production print management.

“Using Solimar’s ReadyPDF platform, we can reduce PDF file sizes by up to 95%, which significantly streamlines our print output and creates a file optimized for quick online electronic presentation,” said Brian Ray, Chief Technology Officer at DataProse. “We have been very pleased with the results achieved with ReadyPDF and continue to find other ways to integrate it into our overall workflow to further improve efficiency across the business.”

The company needed a solution that would standardize all incoming PDF files before further processing occurs in the print workflow. ReadyPDF enables more efficient processing of PDF files for electronic delivery, archiving and production printing. This benefits DataProse by streamlining its pre- and post-press workflow processes.

“With tens of thousands of large print runs, we have to prepare and process many jobs in one team,” continues Ray. “As our customer base grew and we expanded into new areas, we quickly realized that changing the composition, quantity and quality of file types used was quite a challenge. ReadyPDF has standardized everything and greatly improves our overall customer experience.

ReadyPDF can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for operator intervention if something goes wrong, making it a fully automated process. This is particularly beneficial to DataProse as they work with multiple print hardware vendors at different locations. Additionally, with improved capabilities, the company saw onboarding new customers (working with a pure PDF application) cut in half, from 60-90 days to 30-45 days.

“We’re thrilled to see how successful our platform has been in enabling DataProse to streamline their workflow and not only delight customers, but attract new ones,” said Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Senior Director of Engagement at Solimar Systems. “The way ReadyPDF standardizes and optimizes data aligns perfectly with the automated workflow they use.”

Source: Solimar Systems

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