Cloud optimization strategies for your customers’ workloads

CloudGenera introduces a platform powered by AI and machine learning technologies to help partners and their customers.

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO, LAS VEGAS, April 11 — phoenixNAP®, a global IaaS service provider offering colocation, HaaS, private and hybrid cloud, dedicated servers, bare metal cloud, backup, disaster recovery and specialized infrastructure-as-a-service technology solutions (IaaS), strengthens its portfolio of services with strategic collaboration with CloudGenera. CloudGenera provides organizations with a set of intelligent tools needed to create and manage the right infrastructure for their workloads, enabling them to achieve their business goals while optimizing IT costs. Channel partners can now get a complete overview of the features and benefits of phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) over other cloud solutions through the CloudGenera platform.

CloudGenera introduces a platform powered by AI and machine learning technologies to help channel partners and their customers aggregate and compare cloud usage and application data, including costs, SLAs , latency, security and governance. This advanced technology helps provide optimization recommendations and help organizations make more informed infrastructure decisions. CloudGenera’s robust platform helps customers compare the cost of cloud services between providers and maximize their cloud investments while improving performance. Proven cloud optimization strategies help them identify mismanaged resources and find the right-sized IT services. In this way, companies have the opportunity to switch to more efficient cloud solutions.

“Optimizing cloud costs and eliminating cloud-related waste is a challenge for most modern organizations,” said Ian McClarty, president of phoenixNAP.

phoenixNAP has partnered with CloudGenera to give channel partners access to a robust cloud analytics tool that helps their customers visualize their application portfolio and understand their technology usage.

Channel partners can now help their customers identify which workloads are wasting their cloud resources and better understand their digital assets and where improvements can be made.

By providing a way to identify underutilized cloud deployments, CloudGenera enables enterprises to rethink their workload placement strategies. They also help resellers create comprehensive service catalogs to better meet their customers’ needs. For these reasons, we are excited to have our Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) available on CloudGenera’s management platform and demonstrate its potential in a variety of use cases.

Bare Metal Cloud is an industry-leading infrastructure-as-a-service solution that enables businesses to deploy and manage physical servers with the ease and simplicity of a cloud. Fully automated and highly customizable, based on a pay-as-you-go model, it’s designed specifically for the needs of fast-paced IT and DevOps teams. Bare Metal Cloud enables your customers to deploy, scale, and decommission servers in minutes.

“We are continually expanding the vendor reach of our platform, and phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud is a valuable addition to that,” said Brian Kelly, CEO of CloudGenera. “Our core mission is to provide our customers with a vendor-neutral platform to fully understand the costs and capabilities of their cloud services and enable them to easily aggregate and analyze relevant market and SLA data. Our platform results have shown that phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud competitively meets a wide range of infrastructure needs and we are happy to include it as an option in our platform.

To celebrate this partnership, WE OFFER A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY that you will not find with other providers:

As a Partner, you can now offer your customers a $50,000 Workload Optimization POV at NO CHARGE. The platform will help your customers decide which cloud model would be best for optimizing their IT workload.

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