Casting Bread prepares to return to a customer-choice pantry with help from University of South Georgia students

University of South Georgia students

A group of more than 35 students and leaders from the University of South Georgia spent their spring break serving others in the High Country last week. The group spent time at Appalachian State University working with students, faculty and staff, and on Wednesday and Thursday half of the group spent the day at the Casting Bread Market in Blowing Rock.

Diann Miller, operations manager at Casting Bread, said: “They cleaned with us, we organized together, they delivered food to customers and most importantly, we laughed and had a great time serving the community. together. These students are wonderful. »

Georgia Southern University students

The group performed an extensive spring cleaning of the entire Casting Bread facility by cleaning out the freezers, sweeping the deck over the center fork, and arranging all types of stable foods. This work was ahead of Casting Bread’s transition on April 1st from a food pantry with drive-thru to a full-service food pantry at the customer’s choice. For two years, customers have not had the opportunity to choose their own food.

Georgia Southern University students

Scott Groman, who is the pantry’s logistics coordinator, is increasingly concerned about food waste in the pantry. He said: “When I make a box for someone, I have no idea what they like, what they don’t like or what may trigger an allergy. With prepared boxes, we send a huge amount of waste in each box. When our customers choose their own food, they choose exactly what they want and need. We are asked to be good stewards of the food we are given to share. Reducing waste is one of our priorities; going back to customer choice will help us manage our food waste. »

“One of Casting Bread’s key features and strategy is to give everyone the freedom and dignity to choose their own food,” said Sam Garrett, Executive Director.

Garrett went on to say, “We can’t say enough how excited we are to offer customers choice at Casting Bread. Our team is happy to spend time with our customers. After April 1st we will have personal buyers who will assist our customers with their purchases. As you can imagine, this requires more volunteers. If you want to laugh a lot, feel loved, make your day better, and volunteer at Casting Bread, visit: We would love to meet you and serve alongside you.

Courtesy of Casting Bread

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