Brighouse Company sees growth as demand from pharmaceutical customers skyrockets



Dr Max Noble

The company has announced significant growth driven by demand for digital information and software solutions as pharmaceutical and life science organizations accelerate their transformation strategies.

VISFO’s consulting services grew 200% over the same period from 2020 to 2021, with sales of its software platforms up 400%. Before the lockdown, the company secured two major new global contracts, tripling its customer base with an enviable list now spanning consumer health, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

“At a time when the world has turned to the pharmaceutical industry to solve a global epidemic, the need to find solutions quickly is now greater than ever,” said Dr Max Noble, CEO and founder of VISFO. “With our roots firmly in science and medicine, we are well positioned to meet the growing needs of the pharmaceutical industry, using our problem-solving approach to empower customers to think outside of the box and meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. health powered by advanced data science, technology and validated information.

“Every consulting firm likes to think they are doing things differently, but at VISFO, we do it. With our vast experience in the field, we defy convention and find the unseen truth, delivering evidence-based policy recommendations to clients in weeks, not months, to enable them to act faster and more. intelligently for the benefit of their therapeutic areas and ultimately their patients. “

To support its growth, VISFO has set up a team of experts to support its current and future projects, by recruiting 25 new members in the VISFO family despite the pandemic.

The majority of new hires are software engineers, who advance the development of the company’s software platforms, but key appointments have also been made to expand the medical writing team and the digital analysis function and d ‘innovation.

Dr Noble added; “There is no doubt that containment has posed very serious challenges for all of us, but as a digital company we have adapted quickly and successfully to virtual working. Hiring people virtually is by no means easy, but since most of our new hires are already “cloud natives” we have been able to grow by drawing on the best minds and talents in the market.

“Our team is now spread across the UK and Europe, with some based locally, others in London and even Spain. Location is no longer a constraint to be tied to. “

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