All lawyers’ clients, ranked among the worst

She-Hulk: Lawyer ends on October 13, 2022, also ending the MCU Phase Four Disney+ shows. Jennifer Walters’ status as a lawyer has seen many clients featured on the show, with several others being represented by either Jen’s firm or her opposing counsel.

These range from knowledgeable and likeable clients like Wong to those who have made life difficult for lawyers like Leap-Frog. It’s worth revisiting the plaintiffs in the show’s cases to see how the legal side of things have been handled in the MCU.


10/10 runa

Runa was a nightmare for any lawyer, as her malice led her to break more laws to antagonize opposing attorneys and even the judge. Runa gets full marks for being a fun character, as her shapeshifting got a lot of laughs.

However, she couldn’t curb her bad behavior, making matters worse by impersonating the judge only to end up in jail. Her attorney did a pretty good job of initially maintaining Runa’s innocence until she came up with absurd defenses like claiming she had diplomatic immunity from Asgard when she wasn’t even there. Asgard at the time.

9/10 Denis Bukowski

Dennis has been something of a caricature of a character, spouting sexist comments towards Jen and women and behaving in general. This made him a mediocre client, even for male lawyers like Pug, as Dennis kept annoying them with his toxic attitude.

Dennis hired Pug to sue Runa for impersonating Megan Thee Stallion as his girlfriend, which he managed to win when Pug proved that Dennis was really dumb enough to think he was dating the real Megan Thee Stallion. Dennis’s cavalier attitude and lack of helpfulness at his own trial made him a mediocre client that his own attorneys were happy to get rid of.

8/10 Titania

Titania had it for Jen the moment she laid eyes on her for outdoing Titania in every way possible. Her lawsuit against Jen for the rights to the She-Hulk name was purely out of spite, making her a plaintiff with no interest in seeking true justice.

Although Titania followed her lawyer’s strategy to discredit Jen, she wasn’t the best client as she started blaming her lawyer for a case that initially didn’t have much merit. Titania was also more interested in taking selfies and obsessing over herself than putting on a serious face for the trial.

7/10 Megan you stallion

Megan Thee Stallion was not seen portrayed by Jen but still left a memorable mark on the show. Her first appearance had to do with her beef with Runa for impersonating her likeness, which landed Megan Thee Stallion in court.

She signed up as a client when she was impressed by Jen’s attitude, with the pair then sharing a dance in the latter’s office. Megan Thee Stallion can’t be judged much due to the fact that she hasn’t been on her own, but she had a great start in her association with Jen.

6/10 Exceed

Prior to his live appearance, only the comic She-Hulk fans knew Leap-Frog. The character was by no means a good client – he never told Jen about not following Luke’s instructions for his costume before suing the designer.

However, Leap-Frog had a comedic streak that made it fun to follow, especially since he managed to beat his own case by blurting out the information that worked against him. It also didn’t give Jen as many headaches as others, which to some extent makes up for its uselessness.

5/10 Luke Jacobson

Luke was a bit of a jerk due to his tough attitude, but he was right to maintain his innocence in the case Jen brought against him. Luke couldn’t keep his mouth shut the whole time, though he maintained a civil demeanor long enough for his adviser Matt Murdock to do his job.

Luke could have sabotaged things by insulting Jen more than he should have, so credit goes to him for keeping his anger towards her at bay. On the other hand, much of his success has to do with Matt’s effectiveness rather than Luke playing his role well, which means the lawyer should get most of the praise.

4/10 Donny Blaze

Donny Blaze may have been a goofy personality, but he turned out to be a shrewd man when he managed to retain his use of magic in court. Blaze demonstrated his skills in turning the verdict in his favor, arguing that he needed it to support himself.

He still wasn’t the best client because Blaze didn’t show the most professional demeanor, after he openly knocked Wong down in court and walked out of line producing magic when he wasn’t told. told to do it. Still, he deserves credit for being in tune with his attorney, who behaved pretty much like Blaze.

3/10 Mister Immortal

Mr. Immortal jumping to his doom has become one of the funniest gags in She-Hulk, the character taking advantage of his “deaths” to get out of his marriages. While deceptive by nature, Mr. Immortal was surprisingly capable as a Mallory Book client.

Mr. Immortal did everything he was asked despite the great shame of his ex-wives. It was a bit difficult as Mr. Immortal was stubborn that he had done nothing wrong, but ultimately complied with what his lawyers told him and closed his case without reaching court.

2/10 wong

Wong is definitely one of the most likable heroes of the MCU’s Phase Four, with the character forming a bond with Madisynn despite her annoyance. Wong gave Jen very little trouble other than not understanding how the American justice system works, as her connection to Madisynn turned out to be valuable evidence in the case against Donny Blaze.

Outside of his role as Jen’s client, Wong was one of the few who didn’t undermine or downplay her abilities. His dynamic with Jen was strong enough for the couple to successfully win the lawsuit against Donny Blaze in their favor out of court while maintaining an alliance that will serve well in the future.

1/10 Emile Blonsky

Emil Blonsky was responsible for a number of jokes in She-Hulk, mainly how Zen his attitude is now. Blonsky may have almost sabotaged Jen’s defense for him by engaging in the cage fight with Wong, but he turned it around beautifully.

Along with following Jen’s advice to show remorse for his actions, Blonsky also showed how he controlled himself during his transformations – it turned the case in his favor. Blonsky had respect for Jen’s role as a lawyer from the start, always apologizing if he spoke out of place and managing to change the negative opinion the world had of him for decades.

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