2022 could be the busiest and most profitable year for travel agents

New research from host agency Travel Experts has revealed that 2022 could be the busiest and most profitable year ever for travel advisors.

The survey of independent consultants affiliated with Travel Experts found that pent-up demand is driving business, with Europe the most popular destination and travelers relying more than ever on agents to cope with ever-changing protocols against coronavirus.


Additionally, advisor data showed huge growth in multi-generational travel, indicating increased interest in family vacations following the COVID-19 shutdowns.

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“Business is absolute madness,” Rob DelliBovi of RDB Hospitality told Travel Experts. “I’ve seen predictions that this will be the busiest time for travel in the world’s history, which I thought was a bit dramatic, but now I think they may be accurate.”

“Europe is back,” DelliBovi continued. “We’ve seen a big shift from avoiding Europe at all costs to fully continental trips.”

The ubiquity of technology combined with the lasting impact of the pandemic has formed a perfect storm of confusion for consumers, which is why it is absolutely crucial that they book their trips with travel advisors.

“I think more travelers than ever before are using travel advisors because they need the expertise of a professional and I’m seeing customers spending more on their trips,” agent Peggy Purtell told TravelExperts.

“These new customers have always booked their own travel and now want a professional who can help them navigate the complexities of logistics, scarce availability and Covid restrictions,” Purtell continued.

May is Travel Advisor Appreciation Month, which should be used as a time to reflect on the many ways these people guide us through one of the most important experiences of our lives, vacations.

Travelers save their money and vacation days for these coveted trips, and using an advisor to plan these precious moments is one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation – and your money too.

“For the most part, my clients are passionate about travel the way I am,” said Claire Saunders of Where Next Adventures. “They are not going to stop traveling because of the frustrations and the chaos. We get through this together. »

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