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A lot of people dream about having a business to call their own. But how to do this when financial resources do not work? But is it possible to make a loan to start a business?

This may be the outcome found by many future entrepreneurs who do not have the start-up capital for the venture. Taking a loan to open your own company is possible and we will show you how it works.

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After all, we know that it is not enough to have just formatted the type of business, product, among other details to introduce itself to potential consumers. It takes capital to start.

So we will, from now on, address the essential information for anyone who wants to get a loan to open company.

In search of the loan

the loan

The entrepreneurs seek the financial loan to open the company in banks such as Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal, among others. Or in credit unions and organizations that provide this type of service in the market.

To get out of there with the money guaranteed, they need to submit certain documents (later on we will talk about this). They also need to have a business plan based on the loan to open the company they wish to make.

It is important to study and architect the planning of the new business so that credit is provided on a sound basis. The financial institution must feel “firmness” in the entrepreneur and in the results he wants to achieve in the enterprise.

This is undoubtedly a phase of fundamental importance in the trajectory in search of the necessary capital to open the company. It is also very important to make the best choice of the Line of Credit for the business.

Why can not I borrow?

Why can not I borrow?

Therefore, be aware of the following points when preparing to apply for the loan to open a business:

Amount of financing

It is important to establish the desired value. This information must be properly ascertained and consistent with reality. For this, take into account the expenses of opening the company, possible purchase of equipment and even (if any) of a commercial point, among other expenses.

Which financial institution?

The phase of vital importance: research the various banks and companies that make loans to open company.

Each of them offers different conditions, which must be taken into account by the type of business.

In general, it is essential to assess the costs and deadlines. They vary according to the chosen institution. In addition, it has two important aspects: interest rates and guarantees.

One tip is to always maintain initial contact with the bank where the entrepreneur already has a relationship. This may facilitate trading but should not be a limiting factor for more market research.

Request for financing x documents

Once you choose the bank or organization in which the loan to open company will be made, it is time to submit the requested documentation and the business plan.

After evaluating the application, the financial institution will contact you to inform you if the loan has been released.

In general, it is necessary to present documents such as RG, CPF, proof of residence and income. The latter is one of the main documents in the file.

It is also important that the entrepreneur does not have restrictions and pending in credit protection agencies. Everything counts for the credit to be granted.

Credit lines

There are several Credit Lines available in the market, coming from various financial institutions. They differ by aspects such as the form of payment and interest rates.

A tip from the experts, regardless of the choice of the most attractive credit, is to be aware of the value of each monthly installment.

According to them, this amount should represent a maximum of 30% of the company’s profit so that it has no loss. After all, nobody wants this, especially when you’re starting a business, right ?!

We have selected some of the best-known credit lines. But always evaluate more options, after all, that can be good for a friend who is starting a business, may not be for you and your business.

Tips for getting a loan

Alternative ways to raise capital

Ever heard of Angel Investors?

For it is, in addition to financial institutions, another option for those who want to start a business is to seek an Angel Investor. This way, there is no need to go after a loan to open company.

In order to achieve this kind of investment, it is necessary to perfectly consolidate the idea and the business plan, besides presenting a differential for the investor.

Investor-Angel Curiosity

Complementary Law 155/2016 regulated in July 2017 the action of angel investors, who can invest from R $ 50 thousand in micro-enterprises or small companies.

These investors are not considered partners, but obtain a financial return of up to 50% of the company’s profits, for a period of five years.


Another alternative way to raise capital to start a business is to make a partnership.

Thus, the entrepreneur decreases the value invested but is faced with a deadlock: choose correctly with what will make society for business success.

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